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Pack Llama Rentals – How To Rent Our Pack Llamas

Is it time for you to rent a pack llama? Just ask yourself this – Do you enjoy spending time in the backcountry either alone or with your friends and family? However, lugging that heavy backpack takes so much of the joy out of your trip. If so, your next trip to the backcountry just got much easier. Whether you are climbing the highest peak in the area, headed in for a backcountry camping trip, exploring the backcountry for new lakes to conquer with your fly rod, or headed in deep for that monster bull elk, pack llamas may be your ticket to getting there and getting it done easy.

Are Llamas Ruminants - Llama Eating

Are Llamas Ruminants – Inform Yourself

To answer the question “are llamas ruminants”, we need to first find out what ruminants are.  What Are Ruminants? Taxonomists classify ruminants in the order Artiodactyla and the suborder Ruminantia. There are many different species of ruminants around the world. Ruminants run the gamut from the familiar – sheep, goats, cows  – to the less …

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why do llamas spit and how to keep them from doing it

Why Do Llamas Spit And How To Stop It?

If you ask the average person what they know about llamas, they are likely to tell you two things. First, llamas are amazing pack animals and they spit. The idea that llamas spit is deeply ingrained in the public’s mind. In fact, many would-be llama owners have decided not to add these wonderful animals to their …

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Can I Ride a Llama in Real Life

Can You Ride A Llama In Real Life?

One of the first questions that I always get when someone finds out that I own llamas is, “Can you ride a llama?”.  So, I thought I would take of few minutes to try to answer that question. A Brief History of Domesticated Llamas Llamas in Their South American Home Llamas have been used as …

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