When I purchased Deets he was completely wild. I have worked with him and have him leading and taking a saddle with packs. I have walked him around my property and town with the saddle and packs; however, he has not been on any pack trips with me yet. Deets still needs work. He is still a little jumpy when being walked. What I mean is that if someone comes up behind him unexpectedly he iwill start. I just have not had enough time working with him yet.

I am selling him because he is a little small for my needs.


  • Name: Deets
  • Registeration: Not Registered
  • Age: 4 Years Old
  • Height: 44 Inches
  • Weight: 298


  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 307-349-8000 – Please leave a message if I do not answer or send me a text. I am out of service alot and can not always answer right away.

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