Our Mission

Ramshorn Llamas – Mission for Backcountry Adventures

Ramshorn Llamas mission is to be the choice pack llama rental and guided pack trip company in Wyoming.

To ensure this:

  1. Our guides must undergo an intense training program that includes.
    • CPR and First Aid Training
    • Bear Safety an Awareness Training
    • Leave No Trace Training
    • Client Relationship Training
  2. We will only use the fittest and best-trained llamas for rental operations.
  3. In addition, Ramshorn Llamas will offer the highest quality gear to use on these trips.

Ramshorn Llamas – Mission for Llama Tack

Ramshorn Llamas will offer the highest quality llama tack on the market.

To ensure this:

  1. Cloud Peak Gear, our sister company, will manufacture all of the gear offered by Ramshorn Llamas.
  2. Cloud Peak Gear’s tack will be handmade at their shop in Wyoming.
  3. The tack is produced using the highest quality materials available.
  4. Each piece of gear must pass strict quality inspections before shipping.
  5. Furthermore, Cloud Peak Gear covers all the gear they manufacture with a lifetime warranty.

Ramshorn Llamas – Mission for Education

Ramshorn Llamas will help educate everyone about llamas, the backcountry, and using pack llamas to access the backcountry.

To ensure this:

  1. We will strive to publish very informative articles about llamas and the backcountry using our blog.
  2. In addition, our staff will keep up to date on current issues concerning llamas and the backcountry.
  3. Finally, we will use social media to share and keep as many people as possible informed.


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